How to use a Mini Boomerang

Throwing a Mini Boomerang is easy as throwing a dart!

Throwing a Mini Boomerang is easy. With the right techniques, you can make your boomerang return to you smoothly.

We divide the technique of throwing a boomerang into 4 parts:


1. Best Hand Grip

2. Throw Movement

3. Right Launch Angle

4. Catching On Return

1. Best Hand Grip

The decorated side of the boomerang should always be held towards you (picture 1-A).

The easiest way is to hold a tip of the boomerang between thumb and first finger (picture 1-B).

Mini Boomerang Hand Grip 1AMini Boomerang Hand Grip 1B

2. Throw Movement

Bring the boomerang backwards above your shoulder, and point with your wrist into the throwing direction like when throwing a dart (picture: 2-A).

Throw the boomerang straight forward aiming at the horizon with some spin. Stretch your arm and release (picture: 2-B & 2-C).

Mini Boomerang Throw 2AMini Boomerang Throw 2BMini Boomerang Throw Grip 2C

3. Right Launch Angle

The launch angle when releasing the boomerang should be nearly vertical. This will give it a nice controllable constant height during its flight and a soft return (picture: 3-A).

By increasing the launch angle, the boomerang will go directly higher and will return further back after a shorter flight (picture: 3-B). The return is faster, and so is your catch.

Don't launch the boomerang in a flat horizontal position like a Frisbee. This will make it uncontrollable (picture: 3-C).

Mini Boomerang Launch 3AMini Boomerang Launch 3BMini Boomerang Launch 3C

4. Catching On Return

The Mini Boomerang does not have the harsh impact on return as a heavy wooden boomerang, so you can catch it any way you want; left hand, right hand, both hands, anything will do.

Traditionally is catching with two hands just below or above eye-level best. This will be easier in the beginning and in particular for smaller children.


Mini Boomerang

The boomerang you can throw & catch within your own house, or just a room!

  • Height: 15cm / 6inch
  • Range: 4.5m / 5yd
  • Material: polymer
  • Hand: right & left
  • Safe: for all ages
  • Where: #1 indoors
  • Lifespan: unbreakable

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